Two Triangles

Threads, Suction Cup Hooks

with Eleni Tongidou

A light and fragile negotiation and reclamation of space, incorporating the site-specific conditions of Adlerhalle. Prolonging its inherent visual axis and metal structures given in the hall‘s ceilings, two yellow triangles of thread are installed with suction cup hooks to the tiled floor and steel beams on the ceiling. Opening and structuring the large community space into subdivisions and segments, the installation allows for new spaces to evolve and gathering places to emerge - resembling collective utilization and reclamation of urban spaces.

Negotiating the constant flux of Adlerhalle‘s past industrial uses, “Two Triangles” establishes a space between spaces, contrasting the former car manufacuring hall with almost invisible structures of lightness. Iridescent and ephemeral, the site-specific installation engages physical presence and offers the question of how our body wants to relate to it - viewing from up close, afar, sitting down or standing up, in a group or on our own.

For Collectiveness in Space in cooperation with Mayer Pavillion, on view Nov 10 - 17th at Adlerhalle Berlin