with Eleni Tongidou

The site-specific installation playfully reclaims the demarcation of the studio space from its surroundings. It becomes an extended space that holds a spatial configuration of gathered materials, objects and traces found and collected in the kiez. The fascinating conundrum of object fetishisation starts to be negotiated: how do these objects fit into our urban story? What could we learn from these objects if we engage with them, embrace and observe them? What if we entered into a state of play with them? Or are they constantly playing with us?

The objects reflect the cycle of our creations: they are not permanent, get overwritten, changed, levelled out by the weather. common:ground is a collection of sediments, dead wood, minerals as well as found objects carried to the studio to transform an architectural environment into a breeding ground of microorganisms.

Itself an active act of repurposing materials, the work challenges the meaning of spaces as we navigate and create them, intertwining narratives of the Anthropocene, symbiosis and ecology.