10 Channel Audio Installation, Mixed materials on Wood Tableau

Documenting eight manufacturers and persons working with their hands in the area of Bernau in sound and material. 

Staffa’s installation appears to be made of materials thrown together at random. It shows not only finished handcrafted workpieces, but also intermediate stages of such works or even leftover materials. The materials come from various Bernau workshops that the artist visited before the exhibition. In addition to the objects on display in the workplaces, he also collected the sounds that were created when the respective material was processed with various tools and techniques.
ARTEFACTS thus also approaches craftsmanship from its invisible side. There aren't just finished things to see and there is no clear connection between the objects in the room and the sounds in the visitors' ears. The artist understands craft as an activity and breaks it down into a sensual experience that emphasizes the process of making. In this way, he brings to the fore the creative process that art and craft have in common.
- Marie Egger, Galerie Bernau

On Display Feb 9th - Mar 23rd 2024, Galerie Bernau